Sunday, August 12, 2007

Lilies with a busy bee... :) :)

Friday, August 10, 2007

Thought I would post a hula image since it is Friday.. :) :) Hope everyone has a wonderful Aloha Friday and a great weekend!!! :)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Taiko Drummers from the Manoa Bon Dance. :) :) They are a little loud but tons of energy and a great crowd pleaser.. :) :)
Bon Dance this evening... As you can see it is a come as you are event.. anything goes even jeans and a t-shirt. Main thing I learned at the bon dance... You have to come to have fun, which they all do... and they line dance to "Elvira" How funny is that!!! :) :) :)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The DOG Signing!!! Ha ha ha ha ha :)

"You Can Run but You Can't Hide"... A catchy name for a book.... LOL LOL LOL .. :)
Oh my gosh... I never go to events like this so sorry to bore my blogging friends with this story. As I sat this evening chatting with my mom on the phone (she is on the mainland) I was laughing at an article in today's paper which said Dog the Bounty Hunter wrote a book and would be doing a book signing this evening at 7pm at the local mall!!! I couldn't believe it... I mean really a guy that calls himself "DOG" oh please.... My mom on the other hand thought that was way cool... I couldn't believe that either.... So she said that she would love a signed book.. I told her she was crazy and why would you want that book... well it seems that Dog the Bounty Hunter is a big hit on TV... I knew that really I did... :) :) He is occasionally on the front page of our local paper since he does live here in Honolulu, but have never watched his show I must admit... So just to make my mom happy and to satisfy my curiosity about this Mr. Dog off to the mall I went.. and to my dismay so did hundreds.. I mean hundreds of other people. I was stunned, amazed, couldnt believe it... (I don't think Dog could either.. Bet he wished he was out tracking down criminals vs signing books for that crowd.. I wouldn't have blamed him at all).. But he hung in there for 2 hours....Anyway, I went to purchase a book for signing...... the bookstore said they were sold out!!! Can you believe it!!! But... maybe... perhaps they might have a few copies left downstairs where the mass of humanity stood flashing their cameras and awaiting a signature from Dog.... When I finally located the portion of the mall that was selling the books they were SOLD OUT, but I could purchase one of 3 DVD's... Hmmmmm I pondered a moment and thought Nahhhh.... Sorry mom.... so I went and did the next best thing that you can do at the mall.... Go shopping!!! :) :) So after I purchased a new outfit .. darn mom see what you made me do...... :) :) :) SO, then... I figured on the way back to the car I would wonder back to middle of mall to see how many people where left.. OH MY GOSH.. there was still quite the crowd.. but I figured I could perhaps, just maybe, get a shot of him and send that to my mom to substitute for the book!!! A poor substitute I know!!! :) :) Well, as I was slowly creeping my way towards the stage that he was set up on, I was stopped almost right in front of him,, that was as close as I was getting since of course there is always those who tend to push you aside...Anyway,,, as I stood there and waited for someone to move the girl that works for the bookstore stood right in front of me blocking my view and said: "I have two copies of the book left"... I could not believe what I heard.... How amazing is that!!!..... I said, I would love one for my mom and the guy next to me gobbled up the other copy.. I was stunned to say the least but had to laugh.... So, I got my mom her signed copy... By the way he signs.... THE DOG....... I will be mailing it off to her in the morning. Have you heard of The Dog??? His real name is Duane "DOG" Chapman. (Not sure that the Dog part is real but that is what the front cover of the book says)!!!... He seemed like a nice enough guy but looked totally exhausted. I know I would have been after all of the books that he signed!!! It turned out to be a fun evening after all.... :) :)